okay but imagine this

kate argent, 15, gets seduced and taken advantage of by an older peter hale and she gets pregnant

but her father makes her give up the child for adoption because she’s so young and the child could possibly be a werewolf

out of spite and…


this how peter gon’ look when he see kate come for him

You’re my new best friend !

i don’t

- isaac lahey don’t yoU DARE the last time two words broke my heart this bad they were “thanks mom” OK (via breenwolf)


  • tyler ‘love all judge none’ hoechlin
  • tyler ‘i recycle and so should you’ hoechlin
  • tyler ‘whatever your talent is, don’t be embarrassed by it’ hoechlin
  • tyler ‘be proud of who you are’ hoechlin
  • tyler ‘don’t drink and drive’ hoechlin